You may print a membership form Here.

     In addition to Christian fellowship and support for students and parents, some of the benefits to being part of our group include:

  • Organized Field Trips
  • Spontaneous, Not-So-Organized Field Trips
  • Monthly Meetings, Parties & Get -Togethers
  • Monthly eNewsletters
  • Access to our Facebook Group
  • End-of-Year Promotion & Graduation Ceremony (Form here.)
  • A truly, wonderful group of families in Haywood County for you and your children to have the opportunity and blessing to get to know!

     Membership cost is only $25.00 a year per family. Family size is not a factor for cost, so large families do not have to pay extra. Annual dues help help us cover the costs of :

  • Paper Goods
  • Post Office Box
  • Our Website
  • Christmas, Valentine, & Other Group Parties
  • End-of-Year Promotion & Graduation Ceremony (Certificates, Diplomas, Decorations, Food, etc.)
  • Any other group expenses we may incur during the year

     We make it a prority to be good stewards of our groups funds and use all monies to benefit the group as a whole.

Contact Us

For more information, please visit our Contact page.

President: Maria Frost
Vice President: Angelique Carpenter
Secretary: Cindy Golden
Newsletter Editor: Amy Lynn