About Us


    HCHE is a non-denominational Christian organization that purposes to provide support, encouragement, and fellowship to homeschooling families who recognize their God given authority to educate their children.


    • Endeavor to practice deference toward one another.

    • Attempt to make all activities educational and fun.

    • Attempt to teach our children to glorify the Lord through Service to others.

  • Require modest dress at all group events. We have no Fashion Police. We simply want to maintain a safe environment for the young ladies and men to visit and respect one another.

    • Attempt to regulate or judge group members personal activites, such as reading, TV, movie, video game, or computer habits or interests.

    • Request information about or dictate church membership, attendance, denomination or doctrine for members. The purpose of this group is to provide a support group for home educators only.

  • Teach other people's children. Homeschoolers are responsible for teaching their own children. HCHE may facilitate a class, but as homeschool parents we are all ultimately responsible for making sure we teach any material at home to our children ourselves.

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President: Maria Frost
Vice President: Angelique Carpenter
Cindy Golden
Newsletter Editor: Amy Lynn